Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Last week on the ERTHWURLD project.

We created the two part plaster mold for Lou, Here is the first half with Lou set nicely in the clay ready for the plaster to be poured on top.

The mold is all boarded up and then the edges are sealed with more clay to create a tight seal so no plaster escapes.

pouring on the plaster (slowly to avoid trapped air)

The mold is then left for two days to dry

Then we detach the boards (carefully)

Here you can see the four corners of clay we used to create the seal.

Here we are unsticking the mold from the table with wire.

Flipped upside down and then we peel the clay off.

A nice clean one half of a mold.

After this stage is complete we repeat the first stages again, until we get a full complete mold.

Here is the complete mold, after a week in the dry room we will be able to open it and clean it, then the mold will get stored with the Tizzie mold until we do the Foam latex part.

Also this week we have been messing around with a logo for the ERTHWURLD project, I wanted to incorporate all the books into the logo so i decided to use silhouettes to create something that really stands out.

Here is the logo, we are still at this time tweaking it with some very nice feed back from fans, so it still may change yet :)
Over the next 2 weeks we will be working on the MR.Sand mold and sculpting the giant crabs for the beach scene, so look out for those and as always feeback is important so any comments or questions are always welcome.
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